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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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1.Who do I contact for technical assistance or further customer service?
For Technical support or troubleshooting of your unit, call the number listed below. For status of your repair or questions about the web site, email or call 1-800-344-4013.
Actron - 800-228-7667 Auto Xray - 800-228-7667
Kal Equip - 800-228-7667 Faze Gauge - 800-228-7667
Sunpro - 800-228-7667 Advanced Test Products - 800-327-5060
TIF - 800-327-5060 Miller Special Tools - 800-801-5420
Kent Moore - 800-345-2233 OTC - 800-533-6127
Sabre Accuracy - 800-533-6127 Robinair 800-822-5561
Genisys/Nemisys/Solarity - 800-533-6127 Agco/Challenger - 866-716-4204
Aston Martin - 800-768-8632 Daewoo - 800-345-2233
Ford-Lincoln-Mercury - 800-768-8632 General Motors - 800-345-2233
Harley-Davidson / Buell - 800-345-2233 Honda/Acura - 800-345-2233
Hummer - 800-345-2233 Hyundai - 800-336-6687
Isuzu - 800-328-6657 Jaguar / Land Rover - 866-628-5508
John Deere - 888-563-3373 KIA - 800-345-2233
Lexus - 800-933-8335 Mercury Marine - 800-345-2233
Mitsubishi - 888-727-6672 Nissan / Infiniti - 800-662-2001
Polaris/ Victory - 800-345-2233 Saab - 800-345-2233
Saturn - 800-345-2233 Subaru - 866-213-4690
Toyota - 800-933-8335 Volvo - 800-345-3399
2.How do I get my unit repaired?
3.Are Out of Box Failures handled differently?
4.What if I forgot my login or password?
5.Why am I getting an error when I try to track the order?
6.What do I need to do to get the unit repaired under warranty?
7.Why is Proof of Purchase required on all warranty requests?
8.I have already registered my tool, why do I have to provide a Proof of Purchase for warranty?
9.How do I find the warranty on my unit?
10.Are freight costs covered under warranty?
11.Can I get a replacement or a credit instead of getting the unit repaired under warranty?
12.What is the warranty on software?
13.Why am I being charged for a repair when the new software caused the unit to fail?
14.Can I get an estimated cost for a repair?
15.What does it mean when a unit is not serviceable?
16.Why didn’t you contact me before returning my unit unrepaired?
17.Is there a priority given to units that have previously been in for repair?
18.How does the Repair Technician diagnose and verify the problem?
19.What happens when I requested an estimate, but got invoiced for a repair without being contacted?
20.Can I purchase parts to repair my own tool?
21.Are Loaners or Rentals available?
22.Can I buy an Extended Service Contract?
23.Does product need to be validated before I buy an Extended Service Contract?
24.Why am I being charged a diagnostic fee? I have never been charged that before.
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